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Our team of experts includes skills members that focus on home exterior projects as well as interior projects. Your home is very important to you, both inside and out. We want to make sure that we provide all the level of best-in-class service for both exterior and interior needs. An exterior project can greatly increase the value of your home and can also add additional space for you to enjoy activities with family and friends, like adding on a deck. No matter how big or small your home exterior project is, we believe that we can go above-and-beyond to exceed your expectations for your home.

Vinyl Siding

A great, moderately simple way to increase your home’s look and its curb value is by adding vinyl siding. Our team includes skilled the top craftsmen of siding contractors in Akron, Ohio that focus on the addition of vinyl siding to your existing home. The process will increase your home’s value by boosting its overall curb appeal, not to mention that you will be coming home to an updated, stylish home every day. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice because of its longevity. It last for a very long time and retains its look of being very new even after several years. It is also very low maintenance and will look fresh and new with little upkeep and cleaning over the years. If you are considering vinyl siding for your Akron, Ohio home, look to the experts at insert company name.

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Adding a Deck to Your Home

One of the most popular home exterior projects we work on is the addition or repair of a deck. A deck adds a great amount of value to your home, whether that value is for you and your current family or for it’s a consideration for the resale value of your home. We are consistently named as one of the top deck builders in Akron, Ohio for our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and our ability to customize the deck to you and your family’s specific needs. 

We know that not all decks are created equal. We work with trusted partners to provide only the best materials for building your deck with the quality of wood to the staining to the weatherproofing. We pride ourselves in being top deck builders in Akron, Ohio that build decks meant to last for the long haul. We also tailor the decks that we built to the very specific needs and desires of the homeowner. We look at things like where the placement of a grill would be in order to build the deck in a way that provides ample seating without being too close to the cooking action. We also focus on the shape and size of the deck depending on needs. If we are working with someone who loves to host events or has a very large extended family we will provide design recommendations the build the flow of the deck around a larger group of people moving about the deck during an event or gathering. No matter your outdoor deck needs, you are investing in a great way to expand the livable area in your home and making your outdoor living in your Akron home more enjoyable for everyone.

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Screened Rooms

A fun way to add space to your home that gives the best of both indoors and outdoors is by adding a screened-in room. These rooms are fun for the whole family as well as your guests. They provide a huge variety of options as to how you use the space. Many people choose to use it as a playroom or den for older children. Many other people use it as a reading nook or a home office. There are endless options as to how you utilize a screened-in room and our team will work to build a room that is tailored to exactly what you plan to use it for on a frequent basis.

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Whether you are adding or updating a deck or looking to upgrade your home’s curb appeal by adding vinyl siding, we will work hard to earn your business by showcasing our skill level and passion for our work. We have a team member waiting to talk to you about your specific needs for your home exterior project.